In addition to Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA), Nextek offers complete product assembly (box build) services to customers who need electro-mechanical assembly support beyond the circuit board level. This includes electrical enclosures and backplanes, cable and wire harnesses, power supplies, and other higher level assembly requirements. Our box build assembly service also includes engineering, analysis, and testing services. Other services and benefits include:

  • Full system integration and testing – configured to customer specifications
  • PCBA ruggedization, RTV/staking, coating
  • Integration of cards, PCA modules, cable harnesses, and other sub-assemblies
  • Higher level assembly for post-CCA integration
  • Mechanical hardware integration
  • Cable/wire harness installation
  • Electrical enclosure and box assembly
  • Real-time MRP/ERP, in-plant distributor stores, bar coding, traceability, and lot control
  • Final unit test (FUT)
  • Engineering review
  • Dedicated box build cell, materials, test, and burn-in areas

We also have expertise building electromechanical box assemblies for medical, defense, industrial, and specialized computer equipment.