Our Supply Chain Management System, by design, offers flexible and strategic solutions that focus on the unique needs of our customers. Our supply chain channels and management infrastructure support a variety of flexible inventory planning methods; replenishment programs, push/pull based demand, and traditional production MRP planning, as well as dynamic quick turn/prototype material planning.

Coupled with our advanced ERP Systems, Nextek’s team of highly experienced commodity professionals, strategic supplier relationships, superior on time delivery track record, and risk and liability mitigation programs, we offer various solutions to effectively manage your material needs, including:

  • Commodity-based procurement team

  • Longstanding strategic franchise distribution partners

  • In-plant distributor store for leveraging component stock and cost savings

  • Real-time fully-integrated MRP system for AVL, incoming material, and delivery tracking

  • Traceability of assemblies via Aegis Bar Coding System

  • SiliconExpert component management

  • Obsolescence forecasting, component cross referencing, and life cycle parts management

  • Long lead material analysis

  • Counterfeit part mitigation

  • Alternative component recommendations

  • Conflict minerals reporting

  • Flexibility for push/pull situations

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